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Life doesn’t always go as planned. The people we love get sick and that is often when we face our biggest moment of truth. My family’s journey with my Mom’s Alzheimer’s Disease allowed me to see how we were called upon to show up in our own lives and grow our courage in ways we never imagined. It’s that way with everyone who faces a health crisis and wonders what they will do and how they will manage.

Years ago we created what we wished we had when our family was lost, frustrated and frightened while caring for my mom. It was a promise I made my mom, “to tell her story and make it count.” By offering our free programs to family caregivers I have learned that it takes great strength to know your limits.

At Leeza’s Care Connection, we are a supportive hug, a safe place to cry, a room for worry and a community of care.  We are a family who gets that being a caregiver can be both a burden and a blessing. But more than that, we are a team of people who have been there. We can hold your hand and help you find answers. We help you summon your strength and call on your courage for the difficult path you must walk NOW as you become resourceful with your “new normal” way of life caring for someone you love.

A place to call home, a rejuvenating oasis, a place to find your sense of calm, and a place where you can develop skills to help you remain grounded, steady and strong, our Leeza’s Care Connection living rooms were created with you in mind. We invite you to lock arms with your fellow warriors and your own strength of spirit as you take on one of the most meaningful and important roles of all – caregiving for the one you love.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reset the caregiving conversation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare you for an ever-changing life by providing innovative self-care and wellness programs and resources.

Our Goal

Our team works passionately with one urgent goal in mind: to create an atmosphere of encouragement and empowerment, allowing caregivers to flourish and thrive as they call on their courage and summon their strength, creating better outcomes for the person being cared for and for the caregiver themselves as they also learn how to maintain their own health and life while caring for someone they love.

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