Especially Now
We need Each Other

We're being challenged now in ways we never imagined.   Our health crisis is testing our fearlessness, our patience, and even our humanity.  Many of us are sheltering in place and wondering how to cope from here.  At Leeza's Care Connection, this much we know for sure...we can still find ways to be in community together and to help keep each other physically and emotionally resilient and healthy.  If you are a family facing Alzheimer's or another chronic disease and need help, we're here for you.

Empowering You to Live Life with Happiness

"Older is the new brave".   I don't want to be part of the aging invisibility syndrome that grips our culture and neither do you!  I'm a happy, powerful woman in her third act of life. I'm counting my blessings and not my stretch marks.   Let's OWN our current part of the path and stop comparing where others are in the journey.

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