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We’ve all been tested and challenged by things we don’t like, what we don’t think is fair or things we simply can’t control.  It’s easy to go to a place of negativity and defeat, but those who are radically resilient can rebound and reset quickly…finding a way to be better, not broken. Now, more than ever, we can use our resilience to be both realistic and hopeful; self-aware and empathetic.  Some of the most resilient people I’ve ever known are caregivers for loved ones who are sick.  If that’s you,  you know.  We can help at

Empowering You to Live Life with Happiness

"Older is the new brave".   I don't want to be part of the aging invisibility syndrome that grips our culture and neither do you!  I'm a happy, powerful woman in her third act of life. I'm counting my blessings and not my stretch marks.   Let's OWN our current part of the path and stop comparing where others are in the journey.

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