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Attachment-1.jpegFearlessly Fabulous Speaker, Goddess, Girlfriend-Guru, Social Entrepreneur, Make Up Maven and Business Superstar.


 What People Are Saying

"Leeza Gibbons was chosen to be our Women’s Leadership speaker partly because of her book, Fierce Optimism.  With all the negativity in the world, we felt it was important to have a keynote address by someone who can share stories on how optimism can (and should be) an asset in the workplace.  Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed Leeza’s presentation, and felt she spoke eloquently and from the heart.  Her stories were humorous, on point, inspirational and impactful.  We enjoyed meeting Leeza and working with her team and would highly recommend hiring her to anyone looking for a professional, kind person to address your audience and leave them feeling joyful."
Diane Dukes, Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS)

"We heard from several attendees that (Leeza) was the best speaker we ever had in 25 years of our event. Her message motivated and inspired everyone in the room."
~ Julie Perelli, GSWCF.org

"Leeza Gibbons delivered an incredible and inspiring keynote address at the 33rd aunual Business Women's Forum. Leeza touched us on both a personal and professional level."
~ Lynn G. Ward, President & CEO, Waterbury Regional Chamber of Commerce.

"The way Leeza was able to intertwine the message of empowerment throughout her own story and then find such common threads that each of the listeners could relate to was masterful. Leeza was humorous and kind and thought provoking all at the same time. I am confident that each attendee walked away with something personal and long lasting from her address."
~ Judi Pitchford, Epic Entertainment & Production Group

“The amazing gift Leeza brings to an event, is her uncanny ability to be both a “star” and “your new best friend”.  She never lost the aura of being special... and yet the entire audience related to her as if they had known her their entire lives.  She is equally able to engage and impress.”
Connie Wolfe, Aging & In-Home Services

leeza-kris-murray.png"We were thrilled to host Leeza as the celebrity keynote speaker at our Child Care Success Summit event. She inspired the audience as she shared personal triumphs and how she overcame adversities in her life. Leeza Gibbons is a consummate professional who appeals to all audiences. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic celebrity speaker. She also added a touch of "glam" to our conference!"
~ Kris Murray, President and Founder, Child Care Marketing Solutions


"Leeza spoke at our annual Women's Wellness Luncheon and many of our guests agreed she was the best speaker we have ever had! Leeza came prepared to share her stories, inspire, and motivate our guests. The luncheon was a huge sucess thanks to Leeza. She is a class act and her team is wonderful to work with."
~ Paula Henderson, Director of Special Events & Communications, Bethesda Hospital Foundation


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Be a Master of Change


Best known for anchoring and reporting on Entertainment Tonight and hosting and producing her own talk show,Leeza has 30 years of experience being in front of audiences. She is a Master of Change. There is authenticity in her message and humility in her delivery.

She is a wife and mom whose path to her current domestic bliss was rocky and taught her the “life is messy- it gets all over you”. Now she has embraced her “inner cougar” and learned to live without limits. She will show audiences how they can too!

Leeza can just as easily give tips on making money and getting ahead in business as she can on lengthening your lashes and minimizing your pores! Her philosophy is “Know Where You’re Going; Look Good when You Get There”! Her message is for all those who keep climbing even though they can’t see the top of the stairs.



Life Support

Leeza speaks to anyone who needs any kind of LIFE SUPPORT…people who want to break through to the next plateau and those who may need her hold the mirror up for them to see who they really are.

A good friend is someone who will play your music back to you when you forget your song….Leeza will not only do that, but she’ll teach you new steps to the dance!

If life is a test, Leeza can help you cram for the final. She says a bend in the road is not the end of the road, and her “Lessons at the Halfway Point” are audience favorites!




  • Say Yes!
    – Leeza Gibbons
    Fierce Optimism
  • Love Your Haters.
    – Leeza Gibbons
    Fierce Optimism
  • Get Back Up.
    – Leeza Gibbons
    Fierce Optimism
  • Use This Moment.
    – Leeza Gibbons
    Fierce Optimism
  • Excited About Today!
    – Leeza Gibbons
    Fierce Optimism

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